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I’m pleased to offer to clients our Tax Investigations Service, which is designed to provide you with protection against the costs of an enquiry.

Our Tax Investigation Service covers your defence costs in the event that you are selected for an investigation and ensures that you do not have to simply concede to HMRC’s demands without adequately defending yourself.

We will be required to:

  • Respond on your behalf
  • Deal with all correspondence from HMRC
  • Prepare and defend your case against HMRC
  • Negotiate the best possible outcome for you

    This is likely to be a costly process with a typical enquiry lasting 19 months and costing upwards of £5,000 of professional fees. It is also extremely worrying with the recent HMRC facts and figures indicating that they will continue to become increasingly aggressive which is concerning for both businesses and personal tax clients.

    As we feel it is important for all clients to have this protection in place, we are providing this protection for an affordable annual fee starting at £95 inc VAT.

    Important HMRC Facts & Figures:

    ● HMRC have been targeted to deliver £23.5 billon from compliance activity. HMRC is only going to get more aggressive going forward as it tries to achieve its target.

    5,463 HMRC staff have been moved to new or different compliance roles to help bring in the extra revenue.

    ● More than £600 million has been delivered from targeted campaign activity into medics, plumbers, electricians etc. A further 4 campaigns and 20 taskforces are due to be launched this year.

    ● HMRC is going to start driving compliance activity by interrogating information supplied by providers who process credit/debit card transactions.

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